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Why Flowers
Selecting Flowers
Arrangements & Bouquets
Flower Care

Why Flowers?

Flowers are a sure way to make those I care about feel good any day or everyday of the year. Here are some good reasons for buying flowers...

1) It's a sunny day and you have the day off from work!
2) Your friend introduces you to her good looking brother
3) Your sister in Tucson is having a bad day.
4) Relatives come for a "surprise" visit.
5) Its Thursday.
6) Your friend helps you finish that hard job.
7) You're away on business and want to let her know you miss her.
8) Someone you know is sick; it's an easy way to say "get better".
9) It's a rainy day and you want to create your own touch of spring
10) Just because they make you smile.

Selecting Flowers
Selecting flowers is easy and fun. Forget the details and follow your heart, you won't be disappointed. Here are some tips:
- Look for petals and leaves that are bright and vibrant - They'll add cheer to even the darkest room.
-Trust your instincts - they won't steer you wrong. You know what you like best.
- If you have questions, ask! - A florist can be your best friend and maybe have a neat suggestion or two.
- You don't have to have a big budget to go floral - A single flower can say as much as a truck load and arrangements come in all different shapes and sizes.
- Personalize - tack on a picture, nice card message, or make the flowers a favorite color.
- Your not limited to arrangements - flowers can come in bouquets and baskets too.

Arrangements & Bouquets
There are times you may want to select an arrangement rather than loose flowers. After all...
arrangements Save Time: Just select something ready-made that you like and you're ready to go!
Order and Deliver Arrangements: All you need is a phone to send flowers!
Save Energy and Inspire: Stand back and watch the magic happen. The florist is after all your best friend in the flower world.

Other times loose flowers or a bouquet are perfect for the occasion...

- Choose a container that's about half the height of your stems.
- Be Creative with containers, don't limit yourself.
- Let the flowers be the star -use the container as the backdrop.
- Cut your stems to varying length -this adds deminson to your bouquet.
- Create the focal point. - the brightest flowers should be in the center.
- Add flowers of different sizes.
- Fill in spaces with greens. -the greens should complement, not crowd, the flowers.
- It doesn't have to be perfect! -perfection is imperfection.

Flower Care
Top 10 Care Tips:

1) Have a container that has lots of room - your flowers need to breathe
2) Make sure the container is clean - dirt will kill your flowers fast!
3) Cut an inch off the stems and re-cut every few days - this will help your flowers drink.
4) Cut the stems underwater - this is to prevent air from getting into the stem, thus preventing water from reaching the flower.
5) Feed your flowers - add commercial flower food when available.
6) Make sure to cut the stems with a sharp knife.
7) Remove leaves that are submerged under water.
8) Place your flowers in a place where the temperature doesn't change often!
9) Remove flowers that are dying and wilting.
10) Transfer to a smaller container as the flowers begin to fade.